Singing Lessons right in your pocket. With this invaluable Singing Pocket Book, you can carry the Secrets of Singing wherever you go.

225 SECRET VOCAL TIPS With Jeffrey Allen's

any singer will have many lifetimes of thought on the vocal arts in their hands. This little book presents a simple, convenient and concise collection of unique vocal secrets, tricks, tips, and quotations on how to gain expressive freedom, power, and confidence in your singing. It covers all aspects of vocal technique and performance. The quotations are arranged in easy to find sections. Portable, sized to fit in you hip-pocket or purse, you can always take it with you.
The Hip-Pocket Book of Vocal Know-How includes:

Thoughts to inspire

Breathing hints
Technical tips
Exercise & training
This is the indispensable guide to inspiration and information for singers on the move. No matter what your level of vocal expertise, "The Hip-Pocket Book of Vocal Know-How" will make singing more fun, give you the professional’s edge, and help you to perform with confidence! Read at your own pace, take your time, or go through it in one sitting. With this book in your hip pocket, you're never far from the next vocal discovery--ENJOY!

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