1 Never practice.
  Amazing. Too many singers don't practice. Singers think they just open their mouths and out comes gold. Well, get over it. Singers need at least forty minutes of voice workout every day. Otherwise, when it comes to rehearse or perform, it's not show-time, it's blow-it time.
2 Assume that having a 'pretty good" voice is good enough.
  Complete B.S! Most pros start somewhere around awesome and move up from there in their ability to deliver a song. You better be able to amp your personality and your voice big time or the game's over even before you set foot on stage.
3 Completely botch the "breathing" thing when it comes to singing.
  Get it together on this one and you'll immediately move up to the next level of vocal power. If silent breaths, low breathing, less air equals more power and the notion that the diaphragm keeps air away from the vocal cords is news to you, then call the hotline number below immediately.
4 Split the voice into two registers (head and chest).
  This so called technique has probably ruined more voices and made depraved voice teachers more money than any retarded vocal system ever invented. Once a teacher hacks your voice in two, you'll be stuck with a crack a mile wide and be forever trying to find that elusive blend. Learn the Secrets of Vocal Success, and registration (blending your voice) will take care of itself.
5 Imitating a favorite singer's voice.
  This is a bad joke and the joke's on you. One Sheryl Crow, one Sting, one Mariah Carey, one Michael Jackson is enough. Copying someone else is like singing with training wheels. You can start out that way, but get over it as soon as possible. The quickest way to get noticed by A&R reps and producers is to find your own unique sound and style. O.K. If you're in a top forty cover band, fine. Otherwise, get a life or you'll stunt your vocal growth.
6 Believe the "you either got it or you don't syndrome.
  " I've rarely met anyone who doesn't have what it takes to have a strong vocal delivery. This ain't opera, if ya know what I mean, but the real questions are: do you have guts, do you have an understanding of vocal technique, can you expose your soul in public and will you risk everything to achieve your dreams?
7 The Cinderella Syndrome -- sitting around waiting to be discovered.
  Self- explanatory. If you're into this, get off your butt, do something ASAP and do it 130%. Otherwise, five or ten years from now you'll be wondering why you didn't get serious a lot sooner.
8 Treating the voice like your worst enemy.
  Your instrument is made of flesh and blood, so to speak. You can't go to the music store and get a new one. Sing in a style that's right for your voice. Don't let people who aren't vocal experts tell you how to sing. Especially when they suggest singing in a way that tears up your throat. The Jeffrey Allen’s Vocal Success secrets will give you the ability to sing with confidence, power and range without blowing out your voice.
9 Assume vocal technique will kill emotion and style.
  Gimme a break. A great idea if you're a vocal wimp or fear you're brain dead. Most great artists learn real technique and how to reveal emotions on stage. This type of doubt results from lousy voice training or half-hearted attempts at taking voice lessons. Buy into this one and you'll be on the sidelines permanently.
10 Rehearse in the car or right after working eight hours at a day job without warming up first.
  One of the all time dumbest moves. Let's all get this straight. Sprinters don't run the mile, and Indy cars don't hit 232 MPH before warming up. And neither should singers or actors. Warm up your voice, and then vocalize in the car, before heading out for auditions, rehearsals, or performances. Otherwise, you'll grind your vocal abilities to a nub and be DOA at the start of every gig or show or scene. If you need a sensible warm-up routine to use before singing or acting, give me a call and I'll set one up for you personally.


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